Great news: (8 November  2019)

A new version of the preview of the Lazarus Handbook has been created. This is version 10.
All the available chapters are clickable. We have updated the following chapters: (about 100 pages)
2.1 Global overview IDE
1.File / 2.Edit / 3.Search / 4.View
+ 11.7 System
We will try to update more chapters before November 29.  Insight for the book wiil be available at the event.
It would be very nice if you report any error to us.
If you need to make contact: office @ blaise (remove the spaces) or call +31 06 2123628. Detlef Overbeek will answer your call.
There are still chapters to be added. In order to get the file please send your email. For new buyers of the PRESALE version the same procedure will be available.

We will then send the file at once.  Send to office @ blaise

If you would like to see a more detailed overview of the book go to page:


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