Important news:

As promised we have a preview file for download for those subscribers that ordered a Lazarus Handbook PresalesThis pdf will only be send to our customers: in order to get the file please send your email so we can verify. We will then send the file at once.  Send to office @ blaise

We are still working on the book and we have added quite some new items and updated it to version 2.0.

Because of the continuous delay we will create a special PDF file - which is not the final version of the book - only the chapters that are finalized and already available. We will publish the final date of publishing of the printed book later.

We apologize for the delay and will publish it all in a definitive version as soon as possible.

So you will receive automatically an address where you can download your preview PDF.

The reason for this: some authors were not able to finalize their chapters because of time pressure they are working on a number of projects for us (Pas2JS) and new development(s).


    • I am not sure about that. We are working with about 7 people on this project. One of the main authors wasn’t able to do his part because of personal reasons. He has started it now,
      and I am trying to help. But it will probably not yet be completely available because we have little time left so it will be later…

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