My dear Valentine
You'r like my Pascal Magazine
I could lie in bed, 
awake all night
just looking at you...


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The new issue of Blaise Pascal Magazine (85) has been published

The Delphi Birthday Special has been published: (Free issue)
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Content: 84

Artificial DNA as the new Hard Disk?
It will probably become the energy savior of the world...
The kbm ChangeTool for Lazarus in an updated version
and the new Lazarus Version 2.0.6 Extended
The new version 1.3 of TMSWebtools is available:
incredible new components
Docking / Undocking Lazarus for your note book
Undocking the IDE in Delphi 
A new series: COMPASSIST:
the activity indicator 

and the notification center component 
Lazarus: Moving the component palette 
Delphi: the component palette refurbished 

New Update about Lazarus Handbook 11 26/12/2019

Good news: we just keep going with our developments: 26/12/ 2019 A new version of the preview of the Lazarus Handbook has been created. This is version 11. All the available chapters are clickable. We have updated the following chapters: These are the files that are published now. The book contains extra info about what … Read More