BLAISE PASCAL MAGAZINE is a product of the Dutch foundation OPPascal (which works closely together with the Lazarus and Free Pascal foundation) and aims to inspire and inform people who develop apps using Pascal. Pascal was designed specifically to teach students how to program well, being modular and strongly typed. The language vocabulary is a simple subset of self-descriptive English, so easy for people the world over to understand. Its apparent simplicity hides surprising power and a huge range of possibilities. Most Pascal compilers are written in Pascal!
Blaise Pascal Magazine caters for the two principal modern implementations of Object Pascal:  Delphi/Delphi Pascal and Lazarus/Free Pascal.
We highlight new ideas, recent extensions to the language and provide numerous example programs and solutions to current challenges.
→ Delphi is a fully commercial IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and support framework bundle.
→ Lazarus is the IDE and cross-platform GUI (Graphic User Interface) library for the fully open source Free Pascal Compiler (FPC), which includes a very good Delphi-compatible language mode. The magazine encourages new authors and innovators working in either sphere (or both),  as well as publishing cutting edge articles by established authors. We are open to fresh ideas and to people who want to share their inspiration and inventive ideas and solutions, and the fruit of their experience. We offer numerous examples as well as tutorials and industry news, debate with our readers, publication of differing points of view and exploration of both new and old technologies.