FastReport 6.0 for Lazarus 2.02 availble.

Fastreport has made its complet vcl suite for VCL available under Lazarus. We are testing it for you and have created the first install help file. If your interested please send a mail to us: office @ (remove the spaces)

New Update about Lazarus Handbook 5 May 2019

Important news: (8 May 2019) We have the preview file for download nr 4 for those subscribers that ordered a Lazarus Handbook Presales  we have now 564 pages..  There are still chapters to be added. This pdf will only be send to our customers: in order to get the file please send your email so we … Read More

Road Map for Lazarus / FPC

We started to create our first Roadmap for Lazarus. You can find it here: Click on the Blog, in the next lines you find the address. Or click on the picture.

Dutch Delphi Academie opened

De “Stage” onderdelen zijn voor stagiairs en afstudeerders toegankelijk. Beiden ook voor deelname van enkele dagen, dus als iemand even een dagje mee wil pikken dan kan dat. Voor stagiairs en afstudeerders is deelname altijd gratis, als ze het hele traject doen dan krijgen ze zelfs een stagevergoeding! Kijk hier

About the Lazarus Professional Event

On Wednesday Holger Klemt and  I had invited some guests to have a little celebration dinner for the start off. Thursday we started the First day  with Mattias and he showed the most of the new features available in the new version of Lazarus. LCL Interfaces Changes / LCL Changes TScrollingWinControl (TForm, TScrollBox, TFrame) Added flags … Read More

Gaming Engine Michalis Kamburelis

The text is done by Michalis 1. The engine is great to develop 2D games, not only 3D. This video shows the game “The Unholy Society”, that we’re developing as “Cat-astrophe Games” indie game studio. It is all in-game footage (that is, performed 100% using Castle Game Engine). If you like the game, you can … Read More

PhotoPage made in Bonn Lazarus Professional Event

All these pictures are available for the attendees – if you want them (all) you could send your request to: office (Atsign) Mattias Gaertner The originator of Pas2JS. Nothing to say about the attention people were having Holger Klemt und Mattias Gaertner James Ralston, a guest specially came over from the USA The Lazarus … Read More

Survey PAS2JS

This is a survey about the language features that we need to add to the PAS2JS Compiler. It takes very little time because there is only one question: The survey is located here:   

Lazarus Professional Event Latest News Saturday Program

Samstag / Saturday 22 September 2018   09:00-10:30 Lazarus und fpc im Überblick: Roadmap  HK+MG+DO             Wo steht lazarus im Vergleich zu Delphi? Was ist aktuell in der Pipeline? Welche neusten Entwicklungen sind im Trunk?             Wie bekommt man professionellen Support (LazFactory)? Literatur zum Lazarus projekt.             Wer sind die Köpfe dahinter? Was kommt wann … Read More


Subjects we will show and discuss: on the event (Mattias Gärtner) LCL Interfaces Changes / LCL Changes / TScrollingWinControl (TForm, TScrollBox, TFrame)Added flags to exclude some graphics format to create smaller applications: TCustomImageList / TImageList /TSpeedButton, TBitBtn TWinControl.DoubleBuffered, / .ParentDoubleBuffered and TApplication.DoubleBuffered IDE Changes: Editor / Debugger / IDE Interfaces Changes / Components / TOpenGLControl / TAChart Changes affecting compatibility: LazUtils … Read More

TMS announcing TMS WEB Core 1.0 Brescia

Here you will find more detailed information TMS WEB Core  Framework for creating modern web applications. TMS ALL-ACCESS All-access 1 year subscription to the entire product range. Ready for WEB The following products can be used in combination with TMS WEB Core. FNC Components Framework neutral components for use with Delphi & C++Builder VCL framework, Delphi … Read More

Announcing Delphi Community Edition

Embarcadero announces the new C++Builder and Delphi Community editions. Shared FREE of charge with our community of freelance developers, startups, students and non-profits earning less than $5000 USD, our Community Editions are full-featured IDEs for building iOS, Android, Windows and macOS apps from a single codebase. This is our first Community Edition release and it … Read More

Why C is not my favourite programming language / Holger Klemt

June 16, 2018 This article is based on a post by and has been updated by Holger Klemt in some places based on recent developments. Introduction There is an essay by Kernigham, one of the developers of C, “Why Pascal is not my favorite programming language.” This essay from the early 80s is worth … Read More

Wintech Italie

Wintech / Piacenza / Italy Detlef Overbeek at his desk In Italy we presented together with  Bruno Fierens of TMS the new WebCore component group.  


Michael Philippenko from Fastreport and his colleague from Steema-software is going to organise a special series of free workshops on reporting and charting in Delphi and .Net and would like to invite you to attend the workshops at Nürnberg on June 29 (Friday) 2018 and in Barcelona on July 2 (Monday) 2018

Follow up MeetUp 25 May 2018

Conclusions and requests on the MeetUp we will do the following: – The color theme of the Magazine will be simplified. The Black and White version will become  more simplified to black and white and as little shades as possible. – In Lazarus the Compact View will have the following Features extra: The Form view … Read More


Hello dear reader, we want you to know and make sure that at any time you can ask for the details we have registered about you. So we could show that to you or if you wish of course remove any unwanted details we have.So far we have nothing but your address, sometimes telephone, email … Read More

News about

We have decided  today (29th April 2018) that we will add the language feature “Anonymous Functions” at shortest possible time. All the details of the compiler will be put on a special page.

Einladung zum TMS RADical Web Day 24 Mai 2018

Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zum TMS RADical Web Day In Deutschland, lerne alles über die faszinierenden, neuen Möglichkeiten, um moderne Web Anwendungen mit Delphi zu entwickeln! Sollten Sie ein leidenschaftlicher Delphi Entwickler sein und Interesse haben, Ihre Fähigkeiten zu nutzen, um Anwendungen für das Web zu erstellen, so dürfen Sie den TMS RADical Web Day … Read More

Interfaces are now available Attributes Generics Anonymous functions Type helpers Currently we’re at Delphi 7 compatibility (more or less), minus the red colored items. we will come up with a complete list of items build now for the compiler. We aim to get these items done throughout this year (2018) Please help us funding these … Read More

9. TMS RADical WEB, history, the team and future

There is the famous quote: “Everything starts with a dream” and many years ago, Michael Van Canneyt, one of the main contributors to the Lazarus and Free Pascal compiler project had the dream of having the Pascal language as a first-class language for creating web applications in pretty much the same way as Delphi developers … Read More

8. TMS RADical WEB, debugging your code

Given TMS WEB Core is based on a Pascal to Javascript compiler with the Javascript code running in the browser, there is not a direct way to debug the code from the Delphi IDE. From the IDE, the Javascript code is generated and the browser is launched with the HTML page URL. After launching the … Read More

5. TMS RADical WEB, open to other Javascript frameworks

By design, the Pascal to Javascript compiler that is integrated in the Delphi IDE via TMS WEB Core provides a thin, direct and thus high-performance layer to Javascript. This also means that it is fairly easy to interface directly to all kinds of functionality offered by Javascript libraries including Javascript UI controls libraries. The proof … Read More

4. TMS RADical WEB, connecting to data

As Delphi developers we are used to frameworks and components to take the chore out of using databases. Ever since Delphi 1, database handling was abstracted by the TDataSet & TDataSource. Wouldn’t it be nice (and mainly productive as this is what is important after all) if this exact abstraction model allowed us to create … Read More

2. TMS RADical WEB, RAD web development from the Delphi IDE

It cannot be denied that RAD component-based application development is the very foundation of Delphi software development. It is the foundation that got us all so excited since Delphi 1 in 1995. It got us not only excited but most of all very productive. Encapsulation of UI controls and other functionality in components with easy … Read More

14 February Valentines day Bruno Fierens announces TMS WEB SERVICE by BrunoFierens The world of web development has evolved at a fascinating pace over the past 15 years. I still remember having developed around 2001 a CGI based WAP pages server application, a solution that is these days not only completely irrelevant (does anyone … Read More