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The next issue (87) will soon be published.

Because I now have arrived at the office after short interruption in the hospital, I can startup my work again: Here is in short what happened: I went with my bike to the fitness center, tried to park it and than lost balance fell and broke my hip. Thursday I was operated and Saturday last weekend back home again. So I now finally can write and communicate again.

There are two things on my mind: The Lazarus Handbook and the new issue 87.

About the Lazarus Handbook I can tell you that we are are very close to publishing and this should be somewhere end of this week. I am now finalizing the last series of small glitches etc.

So the PDF version should be published around the next weekend. I had planned that to be last weekend, but the guy with hammer came along…

I the meanwhile I’ll start the writing and layout of issue 87.



Debugging your memory leaks with kbmMW

Artificial Intelligence: Creating a Decision Tree
Artificial Intelligence: The Neural Network
Artificial Intelligence: AI Deep Learning
What is G5 en what does it mean to us:
The new Delphi Sydney
TMS Webcore 1.4 the latest version
The new Lazarus 2.0.8
A new special build for Lazarus: build in Webcore trial
for Windows, Linux and Mac
kbmMW LINQ #3 – Working with plain types
Books: TMS Web App development with Delphi
Fastreport series part1.

Update about Lazarus Handbook 23/6/2020

We are now finalizing the book. This text update is of today 23 June 2020. Total Page numbers will be about 1200 so because of that we have created a new plan to decrease the number of pages. In this new setup we downsized the font from Garamont 11 to Garamont 10. Probably we will … Read More