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FastMM5 changes towards commercial licensing. Be aware of the new rules

Installing Lazarus on Mac OS Catalina
Including a test for debugging By Detlef Overbeek

The new WebCore 1.4 is coming
By Bruno Fierens

MY ORM (Object-relational mapping)
By John Kuiper

Covid19 Apps Saving Lives
Using Delphi to Better the World, By Stephen Ball and Jim McKeeth

Schedule for a Badminton Knockout Tournament
Unexpected treasures in numbers, By Rik Smit

The search for a special number Factor 11
By David Dirkse

AI recognizes speech patterns coming from the brain
By Detlef Overbeek

SmartBinding with kbmMW #5
Compile Tool #1 – An easier way to compile projects
By Kim Madsen

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