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New Issue 83 will be published soon

Blaise Pascal Magazine
and IB Experts organizes together with the Lazarus Factory an international event in Eindhoven / Netherlands

For details see: (Click...)    All visitors will be provided a complete installed Lazarus 2.0.4 version with the TMSWebcore suite installed, free for use.


We now have WEBASSEMBLY available for Pascal: FPC and Pas2Js.
Dmitry Boyarintsev succeeded in making it available for us. Here is the Game of live running under Pascal, click to see the live running Game of Live
WebAssembly (often shortened to Wasm) is an open standard which defines a portable binary code format for executable programs, and a corresponding textual assembly language, as well as interfaces for facilitating interactions between such programs and their host environment. The main goal of WebAssembly is to enable high performance applications on web pages, but the format is designed to be executed and integrated in other environments as well.

Wasm does not replace JavaScript; in order to use Wasm in browsers, users may use Fast Report, Pas2JS or Pascal source code into a binary file which runs in the same sandbox as regular JavaScript code Emscripten provides bindings for several commonly used environment interfaces like WebGL.

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Air Conditioning made out of sound waves?
Brain - Computer Interface:
Mechanical Telepathy Bluetooth - Internet - Bluetooth
Installing Lazarus:
on Linux / on Windows / as Second version / as Trunk version
Client Dataset Change Tool for Delphi:
alter and add fields in existing Client Datasets
TORO: Speeding up the boot time of a Toro appliance by Mattias Vara
Installing FAST REPORT in Lazarus (for Windows)
Website Building Example:
Create your first (multi paging) Website with TMS Webcore
Games: PACMAN with code for the web
Smartbinding with KBMMW nr.1

New Update about Lazarus Handbook 9 16 September 2019

Important news: (16 September 2019) We have the preview pdf file for download nr 9 for those subscribers that ordered a Lazarus Handbook Presales  we have now 729 pages. All the items of the Chapter Overview have been made clickable. If you need tomake contact: office @ blaise pascal.eu. (remove the spaces) or call +31 06 2123628. … Read More

What is Pas2js missing? Inquiry…

is still missing some of the more “modern” language features. Interfaces Anonymous functions Attributes Generics Type helpers I do not care, start on any feature… First make the compiler more strict in what it allows now (stuff like range checking etc.) Currently we’re at Delphi 7 compatibility (more or less), minus interfaces. We’d like to … Read More

FastReport 6.0 for Lazarus 2.02 availble.

Fastreport has made its complet vcl suite for VCL available under Lazarus. We are testing it for you and have created the first install help file. If your interested please send a mail to us: office @ blaisepascal.eu. (remove the spaces)

Road Map for Lazarus / FPC

We started to create our first Roadmap for Lazarus. You can find it here: Click on the Blog, in the next lines you find the address. Or click on the picture.

Survey PAS2JS

This is a survey about the language features that we need to add to the PAS2JS Compiler. It takes very little time because there is only one question: The survey is located here:   


Hello dear reader, we want you to know and make sure that at any time you can ask for the details we have registered about you. So we could show that to you or if you wish of course remove any unwanted details we have.So far we have nothing but your address, sometimes telephone, email … Read More