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Preview of issue NR. 101

Planned Articles for Issue 101:
Lazarus Text to speech: On Windows / Linux/ Mac and in Delphi
Quantum programming
Quantum Internet
Adding Color to a Delphi Program
Create you own theme in Delphi
Prize winners
Christmas Show puzzle in Lazarus
PDF viewer in Pascal in Lazarus
Raspberry Pi with Windows 11 / Delphi running


The new Library stick: see the video.
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All code has been posted. The black and white issue 100 will be added this week. The printed issue will be send next week.

General Sherman Tree, in Sequoia National Park: Largest known living single-stem tree on Earth.

The following articles are planned:
Cartoons from our Technical Advisor
By Jerry King 

Image detection with Pascal and artificial intelligence
with 1 Demo Project

By Max Kleiner
Speaking Sports Clock
with 1 Demo Project 

By Detlef Overbeek

GIT continued: Branching and partial commits - for Lazarus and Delphi 
By Michael van Canneyt
Testing IntraWeb Applications with Delphi
With3Demo Projects
By Bob Swart
Creating a new Library Program with PDF viewer
with 1 Demo Project
By Detlef Overbeek
Introduction to programming the internet with PAS2S 
By Michael van Canneyt
Delphi for Raspberry
with 1 Demo Project
By Bruno Fierens
Last part of the Webservice (5), Deploy to Apache
with 1 Demo Project

By Danny Wind
PDF document in a report – using of new TfrxPDFView object
with 1 Demo Project

By Den Zubow
Scaling to a Very Large AI (Artificial Intelligence) causes unprecedented insights
No Demo









New Lazarus Version

You can download Lazarus 2.0.12 which is accompanied by FPC 3.2.0 Lazarus is cross platform and supported on various platforms. Choose your platform to go to the corresponding page: Windows Windows (32 and 64 Bits) Direct download Windows (32 Bits) Add ons Windows (64 Bits) Windows (64 Bits) Add ons Linux DEB Releases Lazarus Linux … Read More

kbmMW Community Edition v. 5.16.00 released for Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney

kbmMW Community Edition v. 5.16.00 released for Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney! Components4Developers has decided to let the world have the opportunity to play with the hundreds of thousands of lines of code, containing thousands of functions, procedures, methods, classes and types, covering the vast number of features that makes kbmMW the leader of n-tier development environments. … Read More

Danny Wind Website

Here is the website of Danny Wind, the author that wrote our articles about web services… in Blaise Pascal Magazine Nr 92/ 93/94/95 https://dannywind.nl/