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Libstick + USB Stick / Book Learn to Program using Lazarus By Howard Page Clark (including projects) / Book Computer Graphics, Math &Games By David Dirkse

The New LibStick 2020
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The Lazarus Handbook has arrived

The new setup and install (setup) file for
Lazarus 2.010 Free Webcore (TMS) - windows version

All previous browser problems now are solved.

We have developed a new Video about the use of our LIBstick and what you can do with it...

The next issue is soon to come: Nr 89

Content of the next Issue 89:
Lazarus 2.0.10 for web:
WEbCore for FREE, for Linux for Mac, and Windows,
a special to install a free group of components
Delphi - Deleaker
helps to find memory leaks in Delphi
MyCloud Data
Delphi server client app: an authors and booklist
available via the internet
Code Snippets for Delphi and or Lazarus
creating buttons
and fields that can switch color depending on handling content
Untyped I/O
These records may be transferred without bothering about their internal structure.

Articles 87/88

From Your Editor
Books: TMS Web App development with Delphi 
Books : Lazarus Handbook

Artificial Intelligence: AI Deep Learning 
Artificial Intelligence: The Neural Network 
Artificial Intelligence: Creating a Decision Tree 
maXbox Starter Image Classifier 76 Machine Learning with CAI
What is G5 en what does it mean to us 
The new Delphi Sydney
Image Line - FL Studio
TMS Webcore for Visual Studio
kbmMW The compile tool 



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Short info about the books

Short info about the books: The printed versions as you can see them here are at the printers. They will probably available in  2 -3 weeks. If you want to order you can now. Pricing: For the hardcover (2 volumes): 75,00 euro + 25 transport + taxes, including the pdf. 935 pages. You can also pay by bank. … Read More

Release overview about Lazarus Handbook 20 August 2020

The Lazarus Handbook  This text update is of  30st October 2020.  Comments: (not faked, but real mail message) Hello There, I have just received The Lazarus Handbook, what a beautiful work ! I was very impressed by the first glance I had with the pdf version, the text is very rich and full of informations, also … Read More

LH Pages overview

All first pages of chapters Lazarus Handbook 20/8/20Lazarus_Handbook_2020_ChapterMainpages