Download the special version of Lazarus206

Download the special version of Lazarus206 including examples and components for free 


The new issue of Blaise Pascal Magazine (84) is soon coming
Content: 84
Synthetic DNA will probably become the energy savior of the world
The Kbm ChangeTool extended with import of Data from CDS to KbmMemTable
The new Lazarus Version 2.0.6 Extended
Refactoring in Lazarus
The new version 1.3 of TMSWebtools is available …
26 Trial project-programs from TMS for Lazarus
For Christmas you will get a free PDF file of the book Learning to program with Lazarus

Content: 83

Webassembly, What is it? What can it be used for? By Detlef Overbeek
Webassembly, How to use it from FreePascal. By Michael van Canneyt
The Distance of two Parabolas. By David Dirkse
Apple is trying to kill web technology. By Owen Williams
The Dataset Change-tool based on kbmMemTable - Standard Edition. By Detlef Overbeek
Painting Dash-Dot lines. By David Dirkse
Creating an invoice generator in Lazarus. By John Kuiper / Detlef Overbeek
Smartevent with kbmMw #1 By Kim Madsen



New Update about Lazarus Handbook 11 26/12/2019

Good news: we just keep going with our developments: 26/12/ 2019 A new version of the preview of the Lazarus Handbook has been created. This is version 11. All the available chapters are clickable. We have updated the following chapters: These are the files that are published now. The book contains extra info about what … Read More


Hello dear reader, we want you to know and make sure that at any time you can ask for the details we have registered about you. So we could show that to you or if you wish of course remove any unwanted details we have.So far we have nothing but your address, sometimes telephone, email … Read More