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Articles for the next 110 issue:
Image Classifier with loading and testing a pre-trained model
Delphi Community version for Delphi 11
Jim McKeeth leaving Embarcadero/Delphi
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Lazarus for Visual Studio
Debugging for the new debugger in Lazarus lessons part 2

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The semantic web3 is coming? / BlockChain / By Detlef Overbeek
Image to text API / By Max Kleiner
Rounding numbers in FastReport / By Detlef Overbeek
An integer square root algorithm  / By David Dirkse
Factors and factorising  / By David Dirkse
An integer cube root algorithm / By David Dirkse
Pseudo random and true Random numbers: 
- Quantum computers have now been used to be directly combined with normal machines
  for true random numbers / By Detlef Overbeek
Indexing your pdf files for quick search within pages / whole document / By Michael van Canneyt
Debugging in Lazarus/FPC  / By Martin Friebe




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International Pascal Conference in Spain

The International Pascal Congress (IPC) is an international forum dedicated to bringing together the different players in the software industry whose technologies are based on the Pascal family of programming languages. The IPC 2023 will be held from 3 to 7 July 2023, hosted by the University of Salamanca in Spain, and it will be a stunning … Read More