Issue 114/115 UK

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Articles: 154 pages

From your Editor Page 4 By Detlef Overbeek
From our technical Advisor (humor) Page 5 By Jerry King

Test insight in Lazarus Page 6 By MIchael van Canneyt
Is Passkey (authentication) the solution for the future? Page 13 By Detlef Overbeek
Debugging a 64-BIT-box Page 32 By Max Kleiner
Overview of PascalScript feature in Syncovery Page 42 By Dmitry V. Konnov, Tobias Giesen
The lazarus debugger part 5: change happens modifying data Page 48 By Martin Friebe
Step by step program execution Page 55 By David Dirkse
The search for a special number Page 58 By David Dirkse
A rolling circle problem Page 62 By David Dirkse
The single responsibility principle Page 68 By Marco Geuze
Working with firedac local sql Page 70 By Kees de Kraker
Firedac dataset aggregations Page 73 By Kees de Kraker
Text selection and highlighting in a Pas2js PDF Viewer Page 78 By MIchael van Canneyt
Installation of latest versions of fast reports under Linux-Lazarus Page 89 By Alexander Redkow
Delphi ATHENS (12) introduction Page 92 New version of Lazarus Page 121
Drawing Turtle figures in Lazarus Page 131 By Hans Zantema
Keeping up with Delphi in FPC Page 144 By Michael van Canneyt
Add text layer to PDF files Page 148 By Helmut Elsner

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