We have two kinds of shops.

1.  Subscriptions – which are timely based: (1 year, 2 year etc.)
    It has a separate offer for all the kinds of taxes:
   – World – No VAT
   – Europe: for companies – if you have a Vat Number – you need to provide that number
  –  Dutch Subscribers: (Netherland) you need to pay Vat – it does not matter if you have a Vat number

   You also find your subscription here in the right column of the menu: My subscriptions
    – https://www.blaisepascalmagazine.eu/register/my-subscription/

   If you want to download your issues etc do it here in the right column of the menu: My subscription downloads

2. Shop – items here do not have a time-basis. (Books as an example, or software – the Library USB Stick)
    The VAT is automatically handled.