Lazarus 206 Special Version including Projects

This special version of Lazarus 206 was created with:

Free including Code,

Webcore (TMS)
Free, fully functional, no code

kbmMemtable(Standard Version) Components4Developers

Free, fully functional, no code

You can compile and add other components to this version.
Do NOT do: CleanUp and Build from the Lazarus Menu. Then you will damage the files for this version, because it can NOT recompile the sources.
But you probably will never have to...
Be sure to have a copy of this on your system

Lazarus206 (click to download)

The special version of Lazarus build for you including the components TMSWebcore, kbmMemTable and ColorButton

You can unpack this zip file and simply copy it to any directory, even a USB stick and it will work.

IMPORTANT: Request a trial license:

LazarusTMSDemoProjecten(click to download)

Regular Expressions\ResponsiveGrid\ResponsiveGridPanel\RichEditor\Simple\TableControl\Themes\
Treeview Accordion\Upload\WebCrypto\

Lazarus206KbmMemtable_ChangeTool (click to download)