All of these items will be implemented in the stable version 2.0

  • Stable version of Lazarus 2.0
    the next official version of Lazarus
  • √ Make pas2js self-compiling - Ready
    (allows to embed in browser, Atom, Visual Studio code)
  • √ Pas2Js will become integrated into the IDE - Ready
    just one mouse click away
  • Docking:
    of course there will be Bug fixing especially of the Docking Items
  • √  pas2js Installer - Cocoa 64 Bit MAC - Ready
    the problem of Apple and their newest OS Cocoa (64 bit) will be solved
  • √ pas2js LLDB syntax changes - Ready
    (Low Level Virtual Machine Debugger is the official name)
  • √ pas2js Nested Classes are implemented - Ready
      TA = Class
          TB = Class
          MyBField : String;
          Procedure MyBMethod;
    MyAField : Integer;
    Procedure MyAMethod;

  • √ pas2js Type Alias are implemented - Ready
    that's a simple alias type.
     Type Alias type is defined like this:
    type a = type b 
    Creates a new distinct type, query for example via typeinfo.
  • √ Pas2JS Anonymous functions - Ready 15/12/2018  

Roadmap for the Rest of the year 2018 and the coming year 2019

  • Dynamic linking of Packages (like BPL in Delphi)
  • Pas2JS Advanced records - Ready 10/1/2019
  • Pas2JS Attributes - extended RTTI Soon to be started
  • Pas2JS Generics
  • Pas2JS Array of const/Type helper Started ←  ←
  • Pas2JS Overflow checking
  • Lazarus Colour schemes for the Ide

Future Plans

  • Adding CSS Properties to the Object Inspector for Pas2JS
  • Extending the IDE For Pas2 JS
  • LONG TERM PROJECT: Creating new WEB environment for Lazarus as a Web-App