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Readers Write Page 4
Seven-Exit Windows 7 support runs out 2020  By Editor Page 6
Installing TMSWEBCore for DELPHI By Editor Page 7
Win 10: Protecting your Privacy By Editor Page 25
Windows Defender: do you need another Anti Virus Program? By Editor Page 31
A powerful new Triumvirate for Web Development By Robert Welland Page 41
Installing TMSWEBCore for Lazarus By Robert Welland Page 48
Lazarus Object Pascal on RaspBerry By Rik Smit Page 55
Microservices and Progressive Web Apps in Delphi By Danny Wind Page 65
Puzzle: Crisper Cas – what is it and software for a JigSaw Puzzle
By Detlef overbeek and Peter Wokke Page 106
REST easy with kbmMW #24 – XML, JSON or YAML to object conversion
By Kim Madsen Page 107

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