Would you like to make an impact in the world of Pascal development?

Could you help promote the Pascal Academy, and open source projects like the Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE?
Blaise Pascal Magazine is succeeding only through an ongoing collaboration between the volunteers who manage it and write for it,
and those who are committed to advertise in it.
Others sponsor specific activities such as developing a web presence,
or related online publishing projects which further the mission of Pascal enthusiasts by spreading the word, and inspiring a new generation.

Blaise Pascal Magazine crosses national and cultural divides

Last year, Blaise Pascal Magazine attracted readers and authors worldwide, from 186 countries in total. Advertising your business in Blaise Pascal will give it exposure across an extremely widespread community with global reach.

Giving back

Sponsors not only give back generously to a community that has contributed to their advancement, but are able to generate revenue from further development of the Pascal language, extending it for current needs, and making these improvements available to new, young developers.

The Pascal community continues to create solid software that is the foundation of numerous profitable businesses. Sponsors gain exposure and increasing brand recognition in new markets and new areas. In addition to regular magazine issues, several impressive initiatives are well under way, including the Pascal Academy, Pas2JS, Lazarus Version 2.0 and the Lazarus Handbook. You can choose to sponsor any one of these to promote the continued use and development of Pascal (under Delphi or Lazarus) thereby giving back to the creative community that continues to flourish.

To make contact phone +31 6 or send a contact request to editor@blaisepascalmagazine.eu
and ask for Detlef Overbeek

We have three different sections for Sponsoring: Contributing - Events - Advertising

You can also become a

Sponsor for the seminars and conferences we run,
or the books we publish.

We call these Projects and General Activities, or PGA.

If you want to become a PGA sponsor you choose the level at which you contribute.
We place your logo on our Sponsor Page. 

Pascal Conferences - Events
In recent years Blaise Pascal Magazine has organized conferences in various countries including:

Brazil, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom.
In 2019 we are running our first conference in the United States.
All these events are non-profit, and promote inclusivity.

Are you interested in sponsoring Blaise Pascal Magazine and the Lazarus Community in 2019?
Could you contribute to Blaise Pascal Magazine in 2019?
Together we will find the best way to make your contribution significant.