International Lazarus Event 2 Days

 100.00 (excluding VAT)

Entrance fee 2 days: 29 and 30 November 2019. Dr. Holtroplaan 1 NL | 5652 XR Eindhoven

T‌he event address: "DE KLUIS"
Dr. Holtroplaan 1 Eindhoven
CONTACT: Mobile: +31 6 Email: admin @

The price includes: all drinks during the day (10.00-17.00), Lunch and coffee and thee, fresh and cake

Program day 1  29 November 2019 - 10.30 – 17.00 ( changes maybe possible)


 Holger Klemt / IB-Experts will show how to use Lazarus in combination with databases
* creating a program with PAS2JS and later with TMSWebcore. You will be able to do the program on your laptop.
* Webcore 3 will be available as trial version and we will build a simple project with it
* Mattias Gärtner will give an introduction of the latest version of Lazarus. We strive to let you have two working programs at the end of the day.
* Latest news about our Lazarus Handbook
* Session about WebAssembly: what is it, how to use and we will create a small program with it

At the end of the day we will go to have dinner together to meet each other. Dinner must be payed private.
Program day 2 30 November 2019 - 9.30 – 17.00

Anton Vogelaar will show how to create the connection of Bluetooth over the internet withe help of the Google API for Android (Chrome) and create a PAS2JS component out of it.
* TmsSoftware: news about version three and some very hot items that are by now still secret.
* Creating the KBMmwMemtable Change tool program: the only ClientDataset with SQL search.
* Creating a FastReport in Lazarus: We will show how to create your own invoice program.



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