International Pascal Congress   July 3-7, 2023, Salamanca (Spain)

The International Pascal Congress (IPC) is an international forum dedicated to bringing together the different players in the software industry
whose technologies are based on the Pascal family of programming languages. The IPC 2023 will be held from 3 to 7 July 2023,
hosted by the University of Salamanca in Spain, and it will be a stunning and forward-looking reflection on the Pascal family of languages in the software industry.

IPC 2023 will offer a variety of activities with the objectives of updating and enhancing attendees’ knowledge of programming and providing an encouraging environment to empower the Pascal community. The goal is to foster the development of new ideas and technological collaborations among the community members.

The FPC & Lazarus Foundation, Lazarus Factory
and Blaise Pascal Magazine (Foundation For supporting the Pascal programming Language) will be represented by :

Michael Van Canneyt has more than 30 years of Pascal programming experience, starting with Turbo Pascal 3. While working on his PhD in theoretical physics, he joined the Free Pascal team, where he is responsible for writing the website, documentation and end-user libraries. He also programs professionally in Pascal: anything from administrative systems to mobile apps to big data has landed on his plate. Currently he is employed by Tixeo, a software firm, where he is porting the flagship software from Delphi to FPC. In addition, he is the founder and technical lead of the Lazarus Factory.

Title: "Free Pascal: Past, Present and Future."

Summary: Free pascal is an open-source compiler since before the word "open source" became popular. The talk will present the team behind the compiler and IDE, the evolution of the compiler and toolchain will be discussed, what is currently being worked on, as well as the plans for the future development of the compiler

Mattias Gärtner (an architect of the Lazarus IDE) builds, among others, the innovative transpiler PAS2JS.
Currently, the team is realising the Fresnel project.

Detlef Overbeek is the Project manager and Director of Lazarus Factory and Editor in Chief of Blaise Pascal Magazine.



A low price was set to attract the largest number of attendees. There will be three phases of registration, each with a different price. Early registration will be discounted, and the number of seats is limited, so reserve your spot and save money by registering early.  For University of Salamanca students, the cost is €90.
  • Early registration I  - From 17th January to 10th April -

    Price: 295*€

  • Early registration II - From 11th April to 1st of May -

    Price: 340*€

  • Ordinary registration - From 2nd May to 1st of June -

    Price: 370*€

*The price of registration does not include meals or accommodations. The gala dinner is also not included in the registration. The organization has arranged a special deal with a 4-star hotel, which will offer rooms at a special price for the first 100 attendees of IPC 2023. After registration, the organization will send an e-mail to attendees with information about this accommodation offer.

The IPC activities will be held in the Hospedería Fonseca Auditorium, the Faculty of Sciences Auditorium and in classrooms in the Faculty of Sciences building.