This is a Clock and month calendar (updated version 1/2/2019)

Information about the Clock program:
there are three items that are important to mention
1. The project has a setup file for installing the program
2. The program itself can be altered to your wishes
3. There is also a save position to be recalled (Placing the item on a certain place).

For use:
Clicking on the top label (Time) The form alters to windows form and back now you can drag and close the form
Clicking on the second label (Weekday) the month calendar appears
Clicking on the third label (Date) Sets the form to the smallest size
Clicking once on the Form surface
DoubleClick on the Form surface: The year calendar appears (16 months)
Clicking on the Icon = close application
The form is protected to stay always on the surface of the screen
Right Clicking shows a number of the options in running mode

Free for downloading, click here...