Blaise Pascal Magazine and TMS work together so that when you purchase the TMS Webcore package you get a free subscription to Blaise Pascal Magazine for a year.
If you have never used Webcore, you can download a trial for it:

Blaise provides a special version of Lazarus to enable Webcore to function natively on Windows, Linux and Mac.

This version is also free of charge.
To order: send your email address to

or have a look at this address:

license for 1 developer € 395, license for 2 developers € 695, unlimited developers in the company € 1295

Get started:
The v1.4 trial version for trial users can be downloaded from:

For the major new release, tmssoftware is collaborating with Blaise Pascal Magazine.
All new TMS WEB Core subscribers gets a free 1 year subscription to Blaise Pascal Magazine.
Purchase your license today and don't miss the special TMS WEB Core 1.4 specific technical article in the upcoming Blaise Pascal magazine and much more.

There is so much to tell about TMS WEB Core, more information can be found on:
• Our landing page where more information is provided, including online demos, video tutorials and more.
• TMS WEB Core books:
o TMS WEB Core: Web Application Development with Delphi
o TMS WEB Core: Webanwendungen mit Delphi entwickeln (German Edition)
o TMS Software Hands-on with Delphi: Cross-platform Multi-tiered Database Applications: Web and Desktop Clients, REST/JSON Server, and Reporting
• TMS WEB Core online course with Wagner Landgraf
• TMS YouTube channel