Latest update about the Lazarus Handbook

We are now finalizing the book.
This text update is of today 23 June 2020.

Total Page numbers will be about 1200 so because of that we have created a new plan to decrease the number of pages.
In this new setup we downsized the font from Garamont 11 to Garamont 10.
Probably we will after that have it downsized to 1000 pages.
This action is done for 12 of the 16 Chapters. I assume it will take at least an other two weeks to get it all done. It is not the redesigning and layouting only but also the all of the text will be read and corrected three times. The index needs also a few days, otherwise it would grow to large.

The printed version of the book will consist of two parts of approximately 500 pages.
With the printed version you will receive a PDF version of the book for free including an electronic index.

You also can use the internal binary search index of the document: 
In Adobe, go to → Edit → Advanced search | click on it and enter your search text.
You will get a list of items. You will see that it is very fast, because this index is binary and internal.

These are the files that are published now. The book contains extra info about what is ready.
We now have added an Index at the end of the chapters.

Here you can see the Content overview: Click...

It would be very nice if you report any error to us.If you need to make contact: office @ blaise (remove the spaces) or call +31 06 2123628. Detlef Overbeek will answer your call.
There are still chapters to be added. In order to get the file please send your email. For new buyers of the PRESALE version the same procedure will be available.

We will then send the file at once.  Send to office @ blaise

If you would like to see a more detailed overview of the book go to page:


    • I am not sure about that. We are working with about 7 people on this project. One of the main authors wasn’t able to do his part because of personal reasons. He has started it now,
      and I am trying to help. But it will probably not yet be completely available because we have little time left so it will be later…

      • Yes we are adding new parts to it Michael has added some extra,
        I am working on the new file. Probably over the weekend I will update it to the newest version so you can have the latest PDF.
        The development and writing of the book is now top-prio.
        The next magazine issue will be done after that.

    • Yes we are adding new parts to it Michael has added some extra, I am working on the new file. Probably over the weekend I will update it to the newest version so you can have the latest PDF.
      The development and writing of the book is now top-prio.
      The next magazine issue will be done after that.

  • dag Defled,

    Ik kan je niks bereiken en je geef nooit antwoord op mijn whatapp.
    Ik wou die boek kopen en maar ik kan niet compleet invullen.
    Die reageert iedere keer weer naar boven wat ik fout gemaakt hebt.
    Graag wat reactie van u.

    Groetje van Gerard Wilmink

  • Well beyond a year and a half past the originally proposed release date for this book and it still isn’t finished. If this were to be a free book, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. Don’t look a free gift horse in the mouth, right? However, though I am not one of them, many people have prepaid money for this book. Therefore, being so far beyond its due date with only monthly drivels of chapters in PDF form is not an acceptable resolution to paying customers. As excited as I was for this book upon its initial announcement, I have now completely given up on it.

    • We cant simply create the chapters without writers. We are working very hard on it and even a new version (12) is coming.
      We are very close to the final result but still not yet ready. We will try to finalize it in February 2020.
      It will be about a thousand pages.(Planned was 650.) We are trying to create the best book that is possible by the best writers.
      I agree that we underestimated the enormous task. And apologize for that.
      But please be a bit more patient. We had a lot of authors starting, but after a while stopped.
      So we needed to find other people for that. But we heave taken the task to take over all those tasks.
      I agree it took far more time then I expected and are working on it very hard.
      Please accept these apologies.

  • It is ok so. Because with the PDF’s between I can take for learning and the finished book will be a very good one. I like this more as to have a finished book and some instructions are incompleted. Good luck for your very good work. (I know, your team have not thinked how efficient and powerful Lazarus is now and how much there is to explain 😉 ).

  • The delay is somewhat understandable. The lack of communication about it, not so much.

    Looking at the Handbook Installation section for macOS, it cannot even get the operating system name correct. It is macOS (and was previously marketed by Apple as Mac OS X and OS X) and is not “MacOS” or “MacOS X”.

    Additionally, it looks to me like the macOS information was taken from the Lazarus Wiki and is now well and truly out of date (eg Xcode is available in the App Store, you no longer need to login to the ADC website to get it).

    Carbon is not just “deprecated” but completely removed from the current version of the macOS operating system. Many file paths are now no longer writeable by any users, including Admin, due to the read-only system volume.

    The dialog shown for non-signed and/or non-notarised applications is now wrong. Users will now need to be instructed in how to bypass Gatekeeper as no Open option is offered any more.

    Some parts of the Handbook are duplicated. See eg pp37-38 and pp39-40 – the same except for the font change.

    Wiki urls are out of date (ie they have changed since the Handbook was started or chapters were written).

    It is “Raspberry Pi” not “RaspBerryPie”, “RaspBerry Pi” or “Raspberry PI”; it’s not a minicomputer it’s a microcomputer.

    There are numerous typos and grammar irregularities.

    The Handbook needs a very serious updating and professional proof reading.

    • The lack of communication? I don’t understand what you mean – we update as many as possible times..
      I will try to have a look at Mac Os X installation matter.
      The installation has been handled by my self in the first place: at that time Mac had no plans for the next level
      that was known to me. If you have the possibility to create a better and newer one, I would be happy to use yours.
      Otherwise I must find some one that has a new machine and the new operating system. About Carbon I can only say that I wrote what was available.
      I think you are right to have the installation rewritten, I will ask for help for that. Maybe you can give some?

      The duplication of chapters has been noticed but was already send. I have already updated that.
      I will remove the wiki addresses because they change constantly.
      At this moment there is one proofreader. We need more.
      We are still writing new chapters…So there will always be glitches. Not even if we have an army of
      proofreaders we can guarantee no errors.
      I am glad that you trouble of mentioning this. We will try to We will correct the errors.
      So please go on helping us.
      Thank you.

  • When the handbook is finally published, will it be available in hardcover/softcover and available for purchase in the U.S.A.?

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