• Subjects we will show and discuss: on the event (Mattias Gärtner)
    LCL Interfaces Changes / LCL Changes / TScrollingWinControl (TForm, TScrollBox, TFrame)Added flags to exclude some graphics format to create smaller applications: TCustomImageList / TImageList /TSpeedButton, TBitBtn
    TWinControl.DoubleBuffered, / .ParentDoubleBuffered and TApplication.DoubleBuffered

    IDE Changes: Editor / Debugger / IDE Interfaces Changes / Components / TOpenGLControl / TAChart

    Changes affecting compatibility: LazUtils / LCL incompatibilities / TToolBar children ignore Align /
    TCustomComboBox.ReadOnly was deprecated / Predefined clipboard format pcfDelphiBitmap was removed
    TEdit.Action visibility lowered to public / TControl.ScaleFontsPPI, .DoScaleFontPPI parameter change /
    MouseEntered deprecated/missing   TCustomImageList.Add method / TCustomTreeView.OnChanging event: Node parameter
    No LCL Application exception dump / No default LazLogger /Screenshot for LCLExceptionStackTrace and LazLogger Additions and Overrides

    Components incompatibilities
    LazControls: TSpinEditEx no longer inherits from TCustomFloatSpinEditEx
    TAChart: Reticule-related properties deprecated /TAChart events On[After|Before]Draw[Background|BackwallWall] deprecated
    TAChart: The TCubicSplineOption csoDrawFewPoints is removed.

    IDE incompatibilities

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