Date of quotation: Thursday 10 January 2019

We just were able to add Anonymous functions to PAS2 JS.

  • √ Pas2JS Anonymous functions - Finalized 15/12/2018  ←  ←
  • √ Pas2JS Advanced records - Finalized. 10/1/2019  ←  ←

We have started on

  • Type Helpers  , when these are doen we will go to
  • Atrributesafter that still follows this:
  • Operator overloading
  • Integer Overflow

We now need to go to crowdfund to enable the creation of GENERICS

The research on how to create a CrowdFunding has started. If you have comment on this please notify us by making comment

Bluetooth is now available, we need to implement it in PAS2JS

Michael can Canneyt wrote:

Hello !
If anyone still doubted that Object Pascal is the best programming language, running on the most platforms:

It is with considerable pride that I can announce a new major milestone has been reached in Free Pascal's pas2js story:
The pas2js compiler runs now embedded in the browser itself. A picture says more than a thousand words, see attachment. See it in action for yourself:

How does it work ?

  1. Enter the source of your program.
  2. Load the necessary units on the 'load units' tab.

(The "Load default units" button is a good start) 3. Hit "Compile" !

  1. Observe the output of the compiler in the tab "Compiler output"
  2. If all went well, the 'Run' button is now active...
  3. Press the 'Run' button !

The program will be loaded & run in an IFrame at the bottom of the page. Obviously, this is only a demo, and there is ample room for improvement (specifying additional options, viewing generated source code, improving gui) and you don't have all units available: only the ones in 'rtl' have been made available. (it's just a matter of uploading them)

But it works. No server interaction other than loading the extra needed unit sources is necessary: all is done in the browser.
All code is committed in SVN, demo/webcompiler.

Last but not least:

Once more I want to thank Mattias Gaertner for his incredible work on the compiler, without whose solid foundations I would not have been able to do this !
Enjoy, and stay tuned for more wonderful features & cutting edge technology from the people that bring you Free Pascal & Lazarus !



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