The text is done by Michalis
1. The engine is great to develop 2D games, not only 3D.
This video shows the game “The Unholy Society”, that we’re developing as “Cat-astrophe Games” indie game studio. It is all in-game footage (that is, performed 100% using Castle Game Engine).
If you like the game, you can also watch the “Teaser Trailer” (this is *not* in-game footage): and add the game to your wishlist on Steam:

2. The engine can be used to develop mobile (Android, iOS) games and applications as well. You can easily recompile the same source code to desktop or mobile. As a demo, you can check out the “Escape from the Universe” game, for Android and iOS: . Under this link there’s a trailer and screenshots from the game. You can also just install it on your phone (it is completely free for Android).

3. The main engine feature I’m working at right now is the editor for the engine, where you can design 2D or 3D games, and CGE user interface. Initial information is here .

4. You can watch how the physics work by watching two youtube movies on this page: .

5. Last but not least, everything I have shown during the presentation is also available online.
– The engine is on , with downloads, manual and more.
You can also get the latest “bleeding edge” engine version from GitHub on .

– View3dscene (the model viewer I used to show the houses) is on . Or use the latest “bleeding edge” snapshot build: . View3dscene source code is also on GitHub.

– The demo models are on You can get this repository, and open almost all files inside using view3dscene (I would advice using the “bleeding edge” view3dcene version linked above, due to some bugfixes). Some models you can check are in “water/caustics/Barna29.x3dv” (this the house with water pool, that I showed during the presentation), “shadow_maps/shinto_shrine/rhan_shrine.x3d” and “shadow_maps/castle_with_trees/castle_with_trees_final.x3dv” (these show nice shadows), “rendered_texture/viewpoint_mirror.x3dv” (this shows planar recursive mirrors, a cool feature added lately, there’s also a video about them on ).

6. We also have a demo reel with many engine games: . This movie was prepared for Patreon: , which is a place where you can support the development of the engine.

Here is a promised video presenting the “Castle Game Engine editor” (see point 3 in my Monday’s mail in this thread):

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