Conclusions and requests on the MeetUp
we will do the following:
– The color theme of the Magazine will be simplified.
The Black and White version will become  more simplified to black and white and as little shades as possible.

– In Lazarus the Compact View will have the following Features extra:
The Form view will be added as choice to be available as single form in compact view or either embedded.
The Compact View will become available as a setting under a button – so you can change the setting without the need of recompiling.

– Because of the need to have Extra Color themes for Lazarus we start on building extra abilities so you you can choose from a list of Themes.
this is quite a job to do, so this will take some time.
In the meantime I will explain how you can alter your theme in your latest lazarus so that you can use the black background.


PAS2JS will be available asap under a Button.

– The suggestion to make the Issues available on the website (HTML) will be examined and if possible used as quickly as possible.
I hope to start that with Issue 72 – which is very soon.

– The Credit Card USB Stick containing several items form the Meetup has arrived today and I will try to let you have the trial version of the TMS WEBCORE COMPONENTS – I am waiting for TMS to come with the latest available version.

We also will start a special CMS (Content Management Design) with PAS2JS on the basis of TMS WEBCORE COMPONENTS.

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