On Wednesday Holger Klemt and  I had invited some guests to have a little celebration dinner for the start off.
Thursday we started the First day  with Mattias and he showed the most of the new features available in the new version of Lazarus.

LCL Interfaces Changes / LCL Changes
TScrollingWinControl (TForm, TScrollBox, TFrame)
Added flags to exclude some graphics format to create smaller applications: 
TSpeedButton, TBitBtn
TWinControl.DoubleBuffered, .ParentDoubleBuffered
and TApplication.DoubleBuffered

IDE Changes:
IDE Interfaces Changes / Components
TOpenGLControl/ TAChartChanges affecting compatibility: LazUtils / 
LCL incompatibilities
TToolBar children ignore Align
TCustomComboBox.ReadOnly was deprecated  
Predefined clipboard format pcfDelphiBitmap was removed
TEdit.Action visibility lowered to public
TControl.ScaleFontsPPI, .DoScaleFontPPI parameter change
MouseEntered deprecated/missing   
TCustomImageList.Add method
TCustomTreeView.OnChanging event: Node parameter
No LCL Application exception dump
No default LazLogger
Screenshot for LCLExceptionStackTrace and LazLogger
Additions and OverridesComponents incompatibilities
LazControls: TSpinEditEx no longer inherits from TCustomFloatSpinEditEx
TAChart: Reticule-related properties deprecated
TAChart events On[After|Before]Draw[Background|BackwallWall] deprecated
The TCubicSplineOption csoDrawFewPoints is removed.
IDE incompatibilities

The team had not yet had time to make a definitive version 2 of it, so it became a Release Candidate – because it needed still some testing. In the coming next issue I will document some of the new features.

Holger Klemt talked about IBExperts and Firebird, a very impressive session. I will ask him to make the videos made on the vent available for our website.
On the next Day – Friday – a little incident happened which we will long remember: James Ralston asked for a feature he really would love to see and told us that his pupils are used to. Because Michael van Canneyt was available we had a big surprise on the next day.

Michalis Kamburelis showed us the Gaming Engine: Not only for gaming but also for presentations and useful for even commercial activities: build your own room and furnish it – then walk through the whole building. I think the swimming pool and the very lively water were very impressive. We have some more ideas to be developed. It was an incredible task he had created this engine during a period of 10 years! All this is freely available for Lazarus programmers.

Fikret Hasovic showed a little application he created.

Saturday  22 september we started by Mattias, who showed the new feature already build by Michael (during the night) and made available. Mattias the explained how this all works and that was really very impressing to see happen. Het created a second feature – live – and we were all very impressed. Live building in the Lazarus IDE: that is a great feature we should keep in mind for next time.

After that Mattias continued with showing more of the new features and after having had a new Session with Holger Klemt we started a talk about the Roadmap. That will be published next week…

You can also see all the pictures regarding this event at PHOTOPAGE MADE IN BONN LAZARUS PROFESSIONAL EVENT






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