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International Lazarus Conference 29 and 30 Nov 2019 in Eindhoven Netherlands – Friday and Saturday

T‌he event address: "DE KLUIS" -Dr. Holtroplaan 1 Eindhoven CONTACT: Mobile: +31 6 Email: admin @ blaisepascalmagazine.eu .All English spoken. (German and Dutch translation available) The price includes: all drinks during the day (10.00-17.00), Lunch and coffee and thee, fresh and cake. Hotels suggestion: Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven, Lichttoren 22, 5611 BJ Eindhoven




only 29 November 2019 Friaday (Click...) 
or only 30 November 2019 Saturday (Click...)
only € 55,00 per day
Registration 2 days (Click...)
for only € 100,00

You can also ask for a bank payment: admin@blaisepascalmagazine.eu we will send an invoice.

All participants will receive a free CreditCard USB Stick wit the latest version of Lazarus:
Including mac Catalina, KbmwMemtable for Lazarus and TMSWebcore Trial version for Lazarus.
That is the very latest version of Webcore you can use with Lazarus and it has NO LIMITATIONS

The lazarus program: countdown timer

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Program day 1 : November 2019 - 09.30 – 17.30
  • Holger Klemt:
    will show how to use Lazarus in combination with a Firebird databases
    and how to create a PAS2JS application with access to a Firebird database. All used source code will be available for free and you can do the coding on your laptop at the same time.
    What is needed to use this new application on your own or a customers mobile phone? See all you need to distribute your web applications and see, why app stores are completely outdated!
    TMSWebcore 1.3 will be available as trial version and we will build a simple project with it.
  • Mattias Gärtner:
    what is it, how to use. We will create a small program with it.
    Using PAS2JS with or without TMSWebcore together with Bootstrap etc.
    The past, present and future of PAS2JS. See also at the bottom of this page
  • Mattias Gärtner:
    The new version of Lazarus 2.0.6, t
    he past, present and future of the Lazarus IDE
    Tips and Tricks for using the Lazarus IDE with a focus on experienced Delphi developers:
    How to write code that can be compiled in both worlds with basic examples
    How to convert existing Delphi code
  • Mattias Gärtner:
    The new Mac version for Lazarus 2.0.6: Catalina
    In the evening we will have an informal dinner for all participants that want to come

Program day 2 :
Lazarus Advanced topics and components for Delphi and Lazarus developer
30 November 2019
09.30 – 17.30

  • Holger Klemt: Basic database programming in Lazarus with SQL DB, IBDAC and other components
    Built in Reporting Lazreport
  • Anton Vogelaar: 
    connections based on Google API for Android (Chrome) and PAS2JS components
  • Detlef Overbeek:
      Change tool program: the only ClientDataset with SQL search.


    • Bruno Fierens:
      Still "SECRET"

      TMS Software
      : Crossplattform Components for Lazarus, Delphi and
      Webcore news about Webcore version 1.3 and other TMS products for Lazarus

  • The Lazarus factory:
    What we can do for your company and your personal Lazarus know-how?

    Modular public Lazarus training's and individual Workshops in your company 
    Helping hands and Hotline Service
    The new Lazarus book 
  • Detlef Overbeek: Installation and working with FastReport 6.0 in Lazarus

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We now have WEBASSEMBLY available for Pascal: FPC and Pas2Js.
Dmitry Boyarintsev succeeded in making it available for us. Here is the Game of live running under Pascal, click to see the live running Game of Live
WebAssembly (often shortened to Wasm) is an open standard which defines a portable binary code format for executable programs, and a corresponding textual assembly language, as well as interfaces for facilitating interactions between such programs and their host environment. The main goal of WebAssembly is to enable high performance applications on web pages, but the format is designed to be executed and integrated in other environments as well.

Wasm does not replace JavaScript; in order to use Wasm in browsers, users may use Fast Report, Pas2JS or Pascal source code into a binary file which runs in the same sandbox as regular JavaScript code Emscripten provides bindings for several commonly used environment interfaces like WebGL.


New Update about Lazarus Handbook 10 6/11/2019

Great news: (8 November  2019) A new version of the preview of the Lazarus Handbook has been created. This is version 10. All the available chapters are clickable. We have updated the following chapters: (about 100 pages) 2.1 Global overview IDE 1.File / 2.Edit / 3.Search / 4.View + 11.7 System We will try to … Read More


Hello dear reader, we want you to know and make sure that at any time you can ask for the details we have registered about you. So we could show that to you or if you wish of course remove any unwanted details we have.So far we have nothing but your address, sometimes telephone, email … Read More